A Quick Plumbing Tip for Water Conservation

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In Washington state, where we are near the coast and have plenty of rainfall, we may not realize the importance of water conservation. However, being wasteful with clean water is not only bad news for the environment, but there may also be ways that you are slowly letting money drip down the drain when you are not mindful of your home plumbing. Follow these tips from your local plumbing company in Monroe to conserve water.

  1. Control Your Home Water Pressure
    Find out what your local water pressure is by contacting your local water authority. If your local water pressure is above 80 pounds per square inch, it can cause excessive water usage. As a solution, you can install a pressure-reducing valve to help limit water pressure in your home.
  2. Fix Leaky Toilets
    If your toilet water is running constantly, it may be time to install a new fill valve or toilet flapper. When your toilet is not running efficiently, the leak may be consuming nearly half of your total water usage!
  3. Replace Old Shower Heads
    If your shower head is old and needs replacing, this is one simple and inexpensive way to conserve on water, with many new shower heads saving upwards of seven gallons per minute compared to older models.

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