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When you are getting ready to buy a home, you will find that inspections are all part of the process. One vital piece of the puzzle that should not be overlooked is the sewer line. This is why you should always think about hiring a sewer video inspection service in Bothell who can help.

For the plumbing business, a video camera is an extremely valuable tool. The latest technology allows plumbing professionals to get a clear picture of piping throughout the home and down through to the wastewater pipe that exits the house and moves to the septic system or local waste management plant.

Sewer inspection involves a specially designed camera that helps your plumber to do a full video inspection of all of your lines as well as the piping that runs underground. What makes this inspection so valuable is that you can get a view of the pipes that may run under the foundation of your home or any pipes that are under cement.

Your professionally trained sewer technician will insert a high-resolution camera on a flexible rod down into the sewer lines. They can easily turn and twist through the lines to get a good look at all of the pipes’ interior walls to determine if there are any blockages or fractures.

The video footage is transmitted in real-time, and it is easier than ever to determine what the condition might be of the drain lines and sewer lines connecting to your home. This footage might even be saved for future use should it be required. Whenever you need sewer video inspections for one reason or another, we have the trained technicians and specialized equipment at Trident Plumbing and Drain Cleaning to take a look for you.

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