Is It Time To Upgrade The Toilets In Your Stanwood Property?

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Is It Time To Upgrade The Toilets In Your Stanwood Property?

There are countless reasons why you might want to replace or upgrade the toilets in your Stanwood home. If you still have frequent clogs or are double flushing, you could be due for replacement. Trident Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is available to help with all your toilet upgrade and installation needs.

Did you know that any pre-2000s toilet that does not clear out in a single flush is an excellent candidate to retire? There are a lot of low-flow toilets from the 1990s that have narrow trapways and no longer meet up to the needs of homeowners that they used to.

Many people are unaware of issues with their toilets until the problem becomes glaring or creates an emergency. Issues with mold growth from leaks and bacteria, frequent clogging, constant noises, or running toilets could mean replacing and upgrading your toilets rather than looking for another repair.

Let Us Go Over Toilet Flush Options

Yes, that is right. There are multiple ways that toilets can flush. Once you dive into all of the latest innovations in bathroom additions, you will find variety in flush style.

  • Gravity Fed – Gravity-fed toilets have rubber flappers at the tank’s lower portion, allowing gravity to pull water into the bowl and flush things away.
  • Pressure-Assisted – These toilets use air pressure to create a more powerful, faster flush. The more common use for these toilets are in public facilities, but they can also be used in homes.
  • Dual-Flush – This design uses pressure-assisted and gravity-fed features. This dual-flush design is water-saving and great for helping push out clogs or offering an excellent bowl cleaning.
  • Touchless – A touchless flush option is a great idea when you want a clean alternative. You can also have them modified with plenty of other features to your needs and budget.

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